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Board Games Articles

Weather calendar

In every nursery there is a weather calendar. The children learn the weather thanks to the weather symbols.

This is a calendar in lego duplo bricks. Toddlers learn the weather and develop basic motoric skills with lego duplo constructions. The youngster can make a weather symbol every day, depending on the weather.

Fun and educational!

Lego Duplo Cloud
Lego Duplo Sun
Lego Duplo Moon
Lego Duplo Star
Lego Duplo Rain
Lego Duplo Rainbow
Lego Duplo Cloudy with sun
Lego Duplo Fog
Lego Duplo Lightning
Lego Duplo Snow
Lego Duplo Windy

Special projects

Lego and I have teamed up to create some special projects.

There are currently 6 special projects. Have fun!

Eiffel tower: Incredible height!

Medieval castle: hours of fun while playing with knights.


Conquer the oceans and rule the seas!

Weather calendar: Fun and educational.


The old church of Vichte



christmass m1628


 If your kid is anything like mine, stacking toys is the “in” thing at our house. You name it, she’s stacking it! These examples are complete and the colorful blocks have playful pictures to help learn matching skills. Match the block and your child is learning great matching skills. With this lego duplo as super toy, your child is sure to have endless hours of building fun using his/her imagination.

Age 6

Lego duplo has fancy Disney Pixar Cars Duplo Sets For Young Imaginations. If ever there was a film guaranteed to catch the imagination of young boys the world over, it was Pixar Animation Studio's 2005 release, Cars. With Hot Wheels a undisputed champion in the kids toy shop for decades and a boy's love for all things fast and furious, the success of both the keen film and its licensed toy offspring was no surprise.

Here are a lot of free examples where your son and daughter can develop their skills with lego duplo bricks.

Constructions which need at least 6 year old children. Have fun!

Lego Duplo Big Giraffe
Lego Duplo Old church of Vichte
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower foot
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower platform
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower platform
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower top
Lego Duplo Pokemon
Lego Duplo Petronas twin towers

Age 5

Lego Duplo Toy building Sets - perfect Toys For Toddlers to Five Year Olds

Lego is a Danish toy firm that got its beginnings in the 1930's. Originally, and still, based in Denmark, the brand has been acclaimed worldwide for its line of construction toys. In 1934 the products, as well as the company, officially became known as Lego. The Lego toy construction bricks come with discrete themed and designed series of sets. Most of these sets cater to a single age group. One of the well known series is the Lego Duplo line. Follow these free examples on this site and let your son and daughter develop motoric and imaginative skills.

The Lego Duplo bricks are well built and nontoxic. The larger pieces allow toddlers to use the bricks and blocks with their own petite hands. construction education manuals come in every box set. If the instructions are lost, any parent or older child can visit Lego online and get guides in helping the children build their three dimensional designs.

Constructions which need at least 5 year old children. Have fun!

Lego Duplo Small castle
Lego Duplo Empire state building
Lego Duplo Mario
Lego Duplo Sphere
Lego Duplo Boat
Lego Duplo Rocket
Lego Duplo Chicken