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Age 2


Starting at age 2 you can purchase the Duplo line. Our son loves animals, the zoo, and bricks to build and create. Lego duplo was the perfect for them. He could not wait to open the box and play with all the pieces. As you can see Daddy was just as excited as well. They had fun creating buildings from these examples and since then our son has created numerous other additions for weeks. He has taken out the set and played with it. Just today he made a rocket with the blocks, vehicle and animals. I love the creativity and motor skills that ensue from playing with Lego’s. We will definitely be buying more LEGOs in the Future.

Creativity and imagination start right here with this fun and colorful free examples. Download the examples and have fun with your son or daugther. The durable bricks includes all the safe sturdy pieces your young builder will need to make people houses animals vehicles and lots more.

Constructions which need at least 2 year old children. Have fun!

Lego Duplo Baby crocodile
Lego Duplo Baby dromedary
Lego Duplo Baby duck
Lego Duplo Baby tower
Lego Duplo Baby stair
Lego Duplo Flat fish
Lego Duplo Cow
Lego Duplo Sloop
Lego Duplo Baby rocket