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Board Games Strategic games

Make your own race board games! It is fun to make and to play the game.


Here are a variety of strategic games. Have fun and design your own game. Painting and decorating will make the kids have fun a whole day. Enjoy also when there are so proud that they made the game.

Conquer earth

Dragster race. Popular as a home made race boardgame. Create your own variations.

This race can go on forever, but remember,there can only be one winner! Enjoy the design and create your own. Have fun and use the shortcut to increase your advantage!

Game rules:

  • Row up all cars of all players
  • Everybody throws his dice at the same time.
  • You move the cars together.
  • The first at the finish wins! But different users can finish at the same time.


  • Think of your own rules. Have fun!


Strategic risks

Rule the ocean and risk it all with a strategic choice.

This game is though and only for the strategical minded. This game uses a variant on the game rules of the popular game RISK and is a kind of Stratego game. Choose your land carefully and don't try to heat up the enemy until you are ready to conquerer him completely.
Have fun!

Game rules:

Game start:

  • You can limit the size of the map by creating boundaries at the beginning.
  • Every player choses an island.
  • Every player puts one brick on the board after each other, until the board is filled.

Game play:

  • The player that is at turn gets 2 bricks for every island that he owns.
  • Place your bricks on whatever space that is for you.
  • You can attack another space: tell the other players what space you will attack.
  • Roll 3 dices
  • The defender rolls 2 dices.
  • The highest number counts --> The looser will lose one brick. No winners with equal numbers!
  • At least one brick must remain in the attackers space, and at least one brick must move the the winners space.
  • The attacker can continue attacking, until he moves to the turn to the next player.
  • Win an island by attacking like al other spaces. Defend it carefully!