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Board Games Slideshow

Iron Beads

Fuse beads are plastic beads of several different colors made to "fuse" together when ironing. Crafters place these beads onto peg boards made of several sizes and shapes, where they can permanently set a project by ironing the beads once the design or pattern is finished. They are also known as perler beads or hama iron pearls. It's important to know exactly how to iron the beads because, if done incorrectly, they can end up with inconsistent fusing in some spots.

Special Projects

Lego and I have teamed up to create some special projects. If your kid is anything like mine, stacking toys is the “in” thing at our house. You name it, she’s stacking it! These examples are complete and the colorful blocks have playful pictures to help learn matching skills. Match the block and your child is learning great skills. With this lego duplo as super toy, your child is sure to have endless hours of building fun.


Boardgames are fun and easy bring along in holidays. Boardgames are fun and easy bring along in holidays. Here you can learn to create your own boardgames. Design your own board game, complete with pieces, cards, everything! Bored with all those old board games? Why don't you invent your own? It's easy and you'll have something you'll want to play when you're done!

Big Bricks Duplo

Lego duplo bricks attract the attention from the youngest by their bright colors and the building possibilities.Playing and building with lego duplo is always interesting. The game of constructions add a lot the development of the motoric skills.Help you child and let them build small animals or big towers as a fun game.

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