Older children may enjoy creating model buildings. With the Lego Duplo buildings, your child can construct an entire town from a church to a village house to a fort. You can also include additional educational opportunities with the game play. This site includes famous buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China, and the Greek Coliseum.

For younger children, blocks are an excellent beginner’s construction set. A popular set as children progress in age and ability level is the Small World Toys. There are a number of different shapes to insure endless construction fun. These lego duplo blocks feature fun transparent colors to add another dimension of creativity to your child’s building imagination and it's game play.

These lego instructions sets are great for children. Enjoy this lego house, lego church, lego castle, lego eiffel tower, lego petronas tower, lego dog house, lego stable, lego tower, lego wall, and much more. Follow the step by step instructions and enjoy how your child evolves.

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