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Finally, there’s a way to play with Legos duplos without getting them embedded into your feet! (I’m kidding, but…not really. I step on them almost daily?ouch!?and vacuum them up on accident all the time. Sorry, T.)


Regardless. Those are my petty issues. The inherent value of Legos for children is obvious. They teach creativity and cooperative (as well as independent) play and help develop spatial intelligence and fine motor skills?have you seen some of these teensy weensy pieces?? I am convinced they are engineered exclusively for munchkin hands, although I know of adults (myself included) who spend hours awkwardly fumbling with the microbits, our jumbo sausage fingers obsessively constructing helicopters, fire stations, gated communities….

But back to my point. After exhausting the creative possibilities of your physical stash of Legos, your family can find more Lego fun here online. All games instructions are easily accessible and free. Download the instructions and just have fun!