Starting from 3 years, you can demonstrating your own stories and plays. Suggestions for topics and games of roles are contained. The world is a large stage! I express my personality! While their development learn children to express itself in different kinds by discovering always new ways of creativity. Already in his first life weeks your child begins to imitate face expressions. If your child reached the school age, it can express its thoughts already clearly and represent abstract thoughts in pictures, doll plays or that sequels of stories. The world of explore imagination puts full toy, which promotes the creativity of your child and which development of the self-assurance and independent thinking support.


These lego construction sets are great for them. Enjoy these lego cars, lego airplanes, lego boat, lego rockets, ... Follow the step by step instructions and enjoy how your child evolves. 

Lego Duplo Airplane
Lego Duplo Boat
Lego Duplo Car
Lego Duplo Rocket
Lego Duplo Train
Lego Duplo Fish boat
Lego Duplo Sloop
Lego Duplo Baby rocket
Lego Duplo Small rocket
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