Amazing Awesome

Cue Lego

They may look like Billiard Balls but I’ll bet they don’t roll too straight.

Lego Strasse

A German street so realistic that if you look carefully enough there’s Lego beer mugs and Legokraut.

Lego Yamato

This Japanese Battleship is over 21 feet long and three feet tall. It weighs in at over 330 pounds and took almost six and a half years to complete.

Lego My Hand!

Ouch! Is that a giant golf tee sticking into that hand?

Holy Lego

40 people took 18 months and 30,000 Lego blocks to build this Jesus. It’s a miracle!

King Legonkamen

This 16 foot tall model of King Tut took 200,000 Lego bricks and weighed over one ton. It had to be floated down the Thames river as it couldn’t fit on the roads!

Lego Kong

Ciao! Im-a Super Mario, and-a I-a spend-a all-a mia time-a chasing-a gorilla! No, not-a that-a Donkey-a Kong-a, but-a mia brother-a Luigi!

Lego Los Angeles

The only way you know this isn’t L.A. is because you can actually see the buildings.