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Fender StratoLego

This was Eddie Van Lego’s first axe.


Discover the peace and enlightenment of ZenLego.


Building a house out of Lego bricks is energy-efficient, good for the environment, and is a great DIY project!


What part of a Nintendo DS is portable did you not understand?



This moonbase module won best moonbase at Brickfest 2005. The scene shows a nuclear reactor core that has melted down and cracked, and caused the staff of the reactor to turn into zombies and start destroying everything.

It's basically post-apoc zombie before it became cool. Go me for trendsetting.

It also is the pinnacle of my moonbase building, combining all of my favorite techniques: sculpture as detailing, 1x2 bricks to make curved walls, Bramspheres, and comical carnage.




This is a legitimate feat of engineering, given the amount of strength needed so it wouldn't snap in half from the pressure.

Sure it sounds like someone kicking a bag of cats, but that's pretty good for Lego.


Stephen Hawking

This is probably the only thing on this list I'm capable of building myself, and yet I know that were I to do so, I wouldn't be able to resist attaching a couple guns to his wheelchair and head.

An eye-wateringly detailed church.

Click on the picture to check out some more images of this masterpiece. Say what you will about religion, but you won't find anyone dedicating this much time and energy to recreating a Sizzler out of Legos.