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Awesome lego crocodile

Christmas tree

Awesome Christmas tree


Awesome BBQ in lego

Airbus A380

This piece Airbuss A380 jet carries hundreds of tourist from the city to the other side of the world. Since it hovercraft technology, it doesn't need a runway. The tail composes of pieces that are connected and make a rear "engine" as I call it. This thiny airplane took me hours to make (1 hour just for the "engine"). This airplane is really amazing, this makes this lego creation even more special.

Volvo car

This blue Volve very powerful. It is loaded with bullet proofing.

  • Engine: V-16
  • 13 mpg city
  • 21 mpg highway
  • Wheel size(On lego creation)
  • Front: Unknown
  • Rear: 17-4
  • Soldiers: 4 (excluding the driver)
  • Guns (in the storage): 10
  • Built in weapons: 1

Awesome lego creations of a car