Amazing Awesome

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson lego creation by the soda machine is awesome. The creation can be viewed at our office in a leather sofa. Have fun and look at the other creations on this website with downloadable manuals and step-by-step instructions to create small amazing lego structures.


Awesome guitar

Statue of liberty

This statue of liberty in lego bricks is amazing. It is jumping out of the water. This lego creation is set in a lake. You might question, "How is the statue of liberty sitting in an angle?" Well the lego construction explains how it is lifted at an angle. The second question, "Is it connected to the base?" Well, it is basically not. When you tilt this creation, the boat slips right off the base. It is a good "lego" creation, and a very difficult construction set.


Yankee stadium

This luxurious lego Yankee stadium consists of a new Lego building base piece found at Pick-A-Brick centers at lego stores. This is an awesome lego creation. This base has a big green lego plate that is a little bent. It is 6 bricks high(rounded) and is made with more than thousands of individual bricks.