Get ready to fight the fire! When the fire alarm sounds, it’s time for action! This fire station has everything you’ll need to save the day, from a central station with control and alarm rooms, to two garages with working doors, to a team of brave firefighters and a pair of realistic firefighting vehicles. Race to the rescue in the big fire truck and fire chief’s car! Truck’s ladder extends to 15 inches (39 cm). Includes 4 firefighter minifigures with equipment! Raise and lower the garage doors! Climb the ladder to the highest window! Set is divided into sub-models for easy building and instant play! It is fun to make and to play with lego. Use these examples for inspiration.

Lego firestation 6382
Lego firetruck 6382
Lego firecar 6382
Lego firecar 6611
Lego firetruck 6650
Lego firetruck 6681
Lego fire helicopter 6685
Lego firetruck 6690
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