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Lego car and truck

No load is too heavy for this powerful transport truck with articulated trailer ? not even a helicopter! It also rebuilds into a second transport truck with boat or a road rescue truck. Part of the lego 5765 Transport Truck set.

Lego tree

A small lego tree to decorate a lego town and streets. Make a lot of them, it is not a lot of work and your lego town will look very nice. Variations are possible. White trees are with snow.

Flat lego tree

This flat lego tree is perfect to decorate a lego town. Make a lot of them, it does not take a lot of time.

Big lego rocket

Very big Lego rocket to travel between star systems. This intrastellar rocket is often supported by small rockets to travel to the planet surfaces. The lego rocket can cary big volumes of materials, fuel and even small rockets.

Lego rocket

A Lego rocket in the star class. Typically used to travel between planets in the same star system or to visit moons.

Small Lego rocket

Small logo rocket. Typically to support short space missions. These spacecrafts are only for planet orbits or are a part of the big spaceships to support planet recognition missions. Often also used as fighter rockets.

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